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Chimney remodelling at Glunz AG in Horn – Bad Meinberg

Fette has used the holdup at Glunz AG (www.glunz.de) in Horn - Bad Meinberg to let a ambitious project get reality.

In the small time schedule various chimneys were removed first to create the necessary place for the new installation. The chimney of fette (photo) forms here the crowning end.

With a height from more than 75m, provide with 2 platforms and 4 vibration dampers, he will does his service many years.

fa. Glunz


A shiny example of good advertisement

Widely visible both day and night, this chimney does not only provide impeccable performance but also truly excellent advertising for your company!
You will get idea, project planning and implementation all in one hand: from us!



Two new chimneys for the capital

For a new power station, the company Fette has developed, munufactered and installed 2 chimney systems. In close cooperation with our customer, a structure has been created that sets highlights in terms of function, technological design and charisma.

A widely visible product that blends in smoothly with the overall picture and documents the state of the art of technology, last not least by its colouring.

Zwei Kamine für die Hauptstadt


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