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State inspections according DIN 4133.12, EN 13084-1 Eurocode 3 Teil 3-1 & 3-2

Chimneys should be inspected regularly by an expert at least every two years.

Excerpt from DIN 4133:

Chimneys must be inspected regularly by an expert at least every two years. For vibration dampers and climbing protection devices, any shorter periods that may apply for inspection and maintenance must be observed.

In the event of very strong chemical impact and oversizing as a measure against corrosion, the inspection should be performed in shorter intervals. Also the accessible inner space between carrier pipe and interior pipe must be included in the inspection.

A report must be issued on the inspection.

Of course, fette offers such status monitoring services. Talk to us – your expert for chimneys!

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Year by year, your chimney blows large amounts of exhaust gas into the atmosphere. This will inevitably entail some contamination on your equipment.

Our specialists from the installation department will clean your chimney with self-developed specialised equipment, also in times where your operation is not active.

Ask our installation manager for more information.


Dismantling and disposal

Everything comes to an end some day…

.... the life-span of your chimney is no exception. Once it has completed its useful life span, our specialists will come to dismantle it quickly and safely. Of course we will also make sure that it is disposed of properly.

Ask us for more information or e-mail us.

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