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From time to time we host seminars for interested parties.

Contact us if you have interest in such a seminar.

The covered topics include:

Approval procedures for facilities with steel chimneys

  • Types of approval procedures
  • Allocation to the procedures
  • Determining the associated chimney heights
  • Blueprints for chimneys
    Firing calculations for chimneyse
  • History 
  • How it works 
  • Calculation methods according DIN 4705 / EN 13084-1 / EN 13384
  • Calculation example 
Static and dynamic calculation for steel chimneys
  • Wind loads
  • Wind-introduced vibrations
  • Calculation Method according DIN 4133
  • Vibration damping 
  • Chimneys in series or group arrangement
Design Types examples
  • Free-standing steel chimneys
  • Stainless steel ready-made chimneys EFS
  • Chimneys interiors 
  • Piping 
  • Ladders and asseccories
Materials, anti-corrosion protection for steel chimneys
  • Materials 
  • Typers of corrosion 
  • Corrosion protection
  • Chemical impact
  • Measures against corrosion
Engineering details of steel chimneys
  • Design types overview
  • Engineering details of free-standing steel chimneys
  • Design principles
  • Base design
  • Sectional design engineering details attached steel chimneys 
Soundproofing for facilities with steel chimneys
  • What is sound
  • Sound propagation outside
  • Sound in pipes and chimneys
  • Silencers 
Profitability issues, additional notes 
  • Cost comparison of various design types
  • Status monitoring of chimneys
  • Additional notes
  • Refurbishment on old foundation
  • Lightning protection 
  • Notes for tenders
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36 meter in one piece

fette delivers one-piece 36m chimney at the Stadtwerke Kassel.

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