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Safety ladders from Fette

A convincing concept

  • the climbing person is constantly attached to the ladder via fall arrester and safety harness
  • large distances between the brackets reduce the costs for the installation
  • solid design gives gives the climbing person a save feeling
  • for all fields of application the suitable problem solution

The fette - centre stringer safety ladder in connection with a fette – fall arrester and the safety harness is the safe access device for all tower-shaped structures.

Fette Sicherheitsleiter, trittsicher, DIN 18799-2
fette Safety Ladder, secure step, DIN 18799-2

BG test certificate is available!

Test based on: GS-BE-15 Grundsätze für die Prüfung und Zertifizierung von Steigleitern (Fundamentals for Testing and Certifying Vertical Ladders (05.01)


Retractable fall arrester

For the fette safety ladder we offer a special fall arrester (on-lining) according DIN EN 353-1:

Fette Gleitwagen Railstop, DIN EN 353-1
fette fall arrester, Railstop, DIN EN 353-1

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Aktuelle Projekte
36 meter in one piece

fette delivers one-piece 36m chimney at the Stadtwerke Kassel.

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