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Fire-proof chimneys

fette fire-resistant chimneys are steel chimneys which fulfil by special installations, the most different demands in this area. By the installations the chimney is able to endure temperatures on the other side 1400°C easily. On this occasion, exact warm passageway calculations and at the need the fitted constructions which guarantee the trouble-free and long-standing function are realised.

In addition, the chimneys are, as from us usually known and after the known regulations, develops, are made and mounted.

The technical interpretation occurs after Eurocode 3, DIN V 4133 der DIN EN 13084.

The dimensions lie with diameters from up to 6000 mm and heights of more than 120 m.

The facts in the overview:  

  • Diameter < Ø6000mm
  • Heights > 120m
  • free-standing or bounded












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Aktuelle Projekte
36 meter in one piece

fette delivers one-piece 36m chimney at the Stadtwerke Kassel.

icon 36m einteilige Anlieferung